HostLen Website and App hosting

Welcome to the HostLen Web Hosting! Before you start enjoying our service, We would like to ensure that you have read & agreed all the terms of service (ToS) mentioned below. Feel free to contact Us if you have a question in your mind or any special support you are looking for.

No Warez: HostLen does not allow any pirated or warez contents or anything related to piracy. If it is found that you are sharing anything like this HostLen preserves the right to terminate your account & hosting anytime.

Bots and Scripts: HostLen does not allow any type of bot or script that runs constantly for shared hosting, Shared Hosting is only dedicated for hosting your Website. If you want bots or scripts available, HostLen provides VPS and Dedicated Server for that.

Cron: HostLen allows crons under the condition that it can not call a script hosted somewhere else and must not have more than 1 running every 5 minutes.

Adult Content: Any type of adult content is strictly forbidden on our hosting services.

Language Restriction: There is no language Restriction. You can use your preferred language under your own observation.

Processor Usages: Shared hosting accounts uses same server pc. It will be reason for your account suspension if your site or app receives high process request which will slow down other site or app your account may face suspension.

Illegal Material: Any type of works which copyright does not belong to you or your company, any commercial audio, video, or music files, and any material in violation of any Government rule, State, or Local regulation can not be shared or can be shared under proper authorization. Any proof against this will lead to embarrassing situation causing your account suspend.

Proxies: HostLen does not permit use of proxy without proper authorization. In case of there is a situation, you are bound to inform the authority.

Spam Tools: Any resource or script related to Spamming is prohibited.

Email Sending: Sending mails from the server is allowed but you are encouraged not to use it for any kind of spamming. In case it is reported that there is a spamming situation the authority owns the right to permanently suspend your account due to Law obligation without any notification.

Cancelation and Refund: HostLen reserves the right to cancel any service provided any time. HostLen is a growing hosting company with a goal to provide best hosting experience to its client, termination of an account is thereby unexpected. There will be no hidden conditions & Clients of HostLen preserves the right to know the reason for the termination. As long the terms mentioned above are not void, HostLen team will be glad to help you out at any situation.

Backup: HostLen runs routine backup of all accounts to avoid unexpected situation. Yet, We, HostLen team encourages our clients to run a routine backup of their own account at a certain frequency for maximum security. In case of any unexpected situation the backup created by client can be highly useful if somehow the backup at server is corrupted or lost. We try to ensure the best service from our part but sometimes the impact of an accident can be beyond our capabilities. For the record, Back up will not be provided for any illegal work or if your account is terminated.

At last we the HostLen team would like to say this TOS can be look like very hard something, but it is too easy to face with this TOS. Thanks for reading this Article and being with us.

*This TOS can be change anytime without any notice, authority has rights to edit and change this anytime.

Hostlen Team